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Veronica Roman

Veronica Roman is from Cuernavaca Morelos, she emigrated to this country with many dreams. She has seen how the Immigrant Community in the Inland Empire Region has suffered a lot of discrimination in all aspects of work, social, etc.
She has had the opportunity to work as a Mental Health Promoter, Community Organizer and has also been a volunteer in various organizations and has had the opportunity to be in trainings on Domestic Violence and more. Veronica likes to be learning and growing personally to be supporting forgotten and needy communities. Veronica has had previous experiences where she has worked closely with immigrants, she has seen the need firsthand during this Covid-19 pandemic. Her experience working now with ICIJ is a great opportunity for a lot of learning, one more step, it is the union of many united voices fighting for a better future to achieve equality, regardless of your immigration status but to be respected and assert your rights as being human.