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Inland Empire Coalition for Racial Justice

Street Vendors

About the campaign

Street vendors in the inland region have been in our communities for the last 40 years as far back as we can document, but we’re sure they were here way before then. Street vendors are part of our communities, they work from sunrise to sunset working in our neighborhoods, parks, and downtowns to help make ends meet for their families. We also can’t forget about stationary vendors who sell cultural food and merchandise in different public spaces. Our goal is to achieve policy changes that are led by street vendors because they are the experts of their hustle and craft.

Text 'ambulanteSB' to 797979 for ways to support street vendors in San Bernardino.

Inland Empire Coalition for Racial Justice

What is currently happening?

We are organizing vendors to create organized committees throughout San Bernardino and Riverside

We are providing PPE, giving financial resources, and hosting workshops and educational classes.

Inland Empire Coalition for Racial Justice

Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operations in the Inland Empire Region

Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operations is an opportunity for family businesses to grow and thrive during this pandemic that has hit many families economically.

This pandemic has worsened our economy and unemployment crisis, AB 626 empowers out POC communities to start their own businesses. This is a solution as this pandemic has impacted 70% of Latinx and Black communities.

The implementation of AB 626 has had a big impact on our Latinx and Black communities, in Riverside more than 80% of the home cooks are people of color. Allowing SB 626 in San Bernardino County will create new job opportunities for our most vulnerable communities.

San Bernardino county members have shown their support for SB 626, more than 1,600 have sent a letter to San Bernardino County Supervisors as this policy is crucial to make it more accessible for communities to start their own business.

Inland Empire Coalition for Racial Justice

SEED Grant

The Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice recently awarded $600k in grants to four cohorts of close to 100 small food businesses in the IE. These funds will primarily be used for direct cash assistance to immigrant entrepreneurs in the region and to help fund essential work equipment tools and comprehensive training for street vendors.

The funding comes at a time when local officials in San Bernardino, including its police department, have doubled down on the criminalization and demonization of immigrants and vendors. These funds will be utilized to train, empower and directly support participants.

The funding will specifically be used to support street vendors, train them on Know Your Rights and to cover tools and materials for their ongoing entrepreneurship efforts.

For more information, street vendors based in Riverside and San Bernardino can also call or leave a voice message at 909-361-4588.

Inland Empire Coalition for Racial Justice

How to take action

Follow our Action efforts, you can Text Ambulante SB to 797979
We demand that our local governments at City and County level invest part of their budgets for Technical and Education resources, this must be reflected in city and county budgets in the following ways:

Microgrants for street vendors

Reserve discretionary funds City Council members get to invest in micro-grants or permit fees for vendors

Waive first time business license for street vendors who are obtaining a license for the first time

Inland Empire Coalition for Racial Justice