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Vero Alvarado

Veronica Alvarado is the Deputy Director for the Warehouse Worker Resource Center.  Drawing from her cultural and working class background, she has been instrumental in assisting in the mobilization of warehouse workers, providing bilingual trainings to hundreds of workers and community members, and advocating on their behalf with employers, resource agencies, government agencies, legislatures regarding health and safety issues, and promoting, uplifting and reshaping the narrative about what Civic Engagement is and who it is for. Ms. Alavardo has provided training and presentations around the country regarding the plight of warehouse workers in the Inland Empire especially under the retail giant, Walmart and strategies to advocate on their behalf. More recently, she’s continued her work, uplifting the experiences of workers in the Amazon supply chain. Ms. Alvarado has also actively participated in state-wide and national coalitions working collaboratively with workers’ rights organizations to advance the working conditions of low-wage immigrant workers and has been part of statewide pushes that have demanded the establishment of a Safety Net 4 All, income wage replacement program for excluded undocumented workers.

Our Steering Committee is composed of 10 individuals who represent their organizations who are partners of the coalition. Members of our steering committee share the common purpose of serving the immigrant and other underserved communities of the Inland Empire. Their purpose is to provide strategic direction and support to the IC4IJ director and staff.