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Statewide Day of Visitations and Actions 2020

Saturday, January 21, 2020 we joined groups throughout the state to participate in a statewide day of visitations and action. Across the street from the detention center, our friends and neighbors throughout Southern California gathered to

Members from orgs throughout the state close out the Statewide Day of Visitations and Action 2020

prepare for visitations and share the knowledge of directly impacted community members. After no more than an hour, however, visitors were turned away by GEO guards, claiming that visitations were only for relatives of people held in detention. We recognize that these weak tactics follow the pattern of GEO group and ICE, to claim lack of authority over the policies for visitations and treatment of people once they enter the detention center. With both GEO and ICE refusing to be held accountable for the “policies” GEO and ICE arbitrarily enforce, they are doing much more harm to the people detained, and the families visiting. 

Once our group left the facility, we closed the day with a circle and a special song by Tito El Rey.