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 Statewide Action Calls on Governor Gavin Newsom to Stop All ICE Transfers and Shut Down All Detention Centers

For Immediate Release //

October 7th, 2020 

Contact: Armando Carmona,, (951) 966-6500

 Statewide Action Calls on Governor Gavin Newsom to Stop All ICE Transfers and Shut Down All Detention Centers

Adelanto, California – On Tuesday, over 30 cities throughout California dropped banners that demanded Governor Gavin Newsom use his executive power to stop all ICE transfers from state facilities, declare an emergency release of individuals detained in immigration facilities, and free people in state prisons. 

This statewide action by the ShutDownAdelanto Coalition, along with the Dignity Not Detention Coalition, also asked to stop the expansion of the Adelanto Detention Center. 

 Kimberly Galindo High Desert Organizer for the Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice said the following: 

“Governor Newsom must stop all transfers between ICE and California prisons. It is inhumane and immigrants detained are now facing torturous conditions. They are being sprayed with chemicals and verbally and physically harassed. This must end and Governor Newsom has the power to help. The recent COVID outbreak confirms what we have said all along, ICE continues to endanger the lives of immigrants in their custody and must release them all immediately. 

Just like many family members, Jael Altamirano is advocating for the release of her husband, Allan Altamirano, a pastor who has been inside Adelanto for 13 months now:

“I am asking for the release of my husband who has a medical record of 298 pages. With the COVID-19 outbreak inside Adelanto, he is in a very critical condition. All of the people inside are being exposed to COVID-19 and are not receiving the right medical assistance they need. Release all immigrants now and shut down the Adelanto Detention Center,” said Jael Altamirano. 

As this is going on the Adelanto City Council continues to move forward with the expansion of the Adelanto facility. The ShutDownAdelanto Coalition is against this and is advocating for the release of all immigrants and the shutdown of all detention centers. During Tuesday’s day of action, the ShutDownAdelanto Coalition had a car rally and a banner drop in front of the Adelanto Detention Center and the Adelanto City Hall. Around 50 cars attended this action and 7 cars carried coffins that represented the 7 people that have died at the Adelanto Detention Center since 2011.