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Jennifer is Free!

We continue to celebrate Jennifer’s release from Adelanto with a look back at her story, and what it tells us about our community’s strength.

Jennifer was detained for more than six months in GEO’s Adelanto Detention Center. 


She left Honduras and after weeks of traveling, arrived at the US border. There, she presented herself to a Border Patrol agent and was detained for over six months in Adelanto Detention Center, Jennifer’s sister has been there for over a year. While in detention, she is among the many who have suffered from medical negligence as a result of GEO’s offensive and deadly lack of medical care. Even more so, as she and other LGBTQ immigrants are left vulnerable to harm while in detention centers.

GEO’s disregard for the health and wellbeing of immigrants in their Adelanto Detention Center has resulted in deaths, and severely impacted the health of people who are released from detention. They continue to neglect the health of our community, but we will not.

When Jennifer began receiving support from IC4IJ, we knew we needed the support of our community to care for our sister. With the help of a volunteer from our IC4IJ Emergency Response Network, Jennifer has housing. Two women responded to the Immigrant Families Together request by posting Jennifer’s 5,000 dollar bond. Russell Jauregui from San Bernardino Community Services Center provided pro bono representation, and was able to get her a low bond. Jennifer’s sponsor supported her on her court date. Together, each of these community members were able to contribute to bringing Jennifer back into welcoming arms, and reminds us that our goal of collectively advocating and working to improve the lives of immigrant communities is possible.

As a community member, we invite you to help us in supporting Jennifer’s sister for her upcoming bond hearing in early October 2019. If you’re interested in supporting us in any capacity please contribute to our Deportation Defense fund, that assists directly impacted families.


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