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IC4IJ on Trump’s Census Exec Order: Fear or resilience?

Ontario, CA — There is no question that the Trump administration has worked tirelessly to strip immigrant communities from every right available to us as people. From family separation, children in cages, the right to asylum, Indefinite detention, deportations and most recently the use of federal agents to criminalize protesters and civil rights activists. 
Now, we are seeing another unconstitutional attack on immigrants. This time keeping our community from being counted in the US Census. It’s a scare tactic, it’s unconstitutional and morally repugnant, but most of all it needs to be understood as part of an effort to transform the US immigration system and set precedent for years to come. 
While this will be fought in the courts, it’s legacy will last much longer than Trump’s reign. To keep immigrants out of the Census is to maintain the historical white supremacy that this country is rooted in. This country was built on exclusion, slavery and displacement. Trump’s actions and efforts to normalize and legalize violence must be stopped at all costs. 


In moments where our community is under attack, we must draw strength from our resilience and collective power and not fall for the scare tactics that aim to distract us. We will be counted and our communities will thrive past these racist attacks. 


Javier Hernandez 


Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice

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