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GEO Expansion Press Release

IC4IJ denounces the decision by Adelanto City Officials to expand the Adelanto Detention Center
Adelanto, CA – This evening members of the Adelanto Planning Commission voted to place profits over people’s humanity, and approve GEO Group’s proposal to expand the Adelanto Detention Facility. This makes it clear that a majority of the planning commission is in the pockets of GEO group. However, the fight is not over.

One member of Adelanto’s planning commissioners stood against GEOs plan and exposed the sinister tactics they utilized. Their act demonstrates that resistance is possible and that there is likely more collusion for us to find. 

The decision to expand the Adelanto Facility will only serve to mobilize more immigrants and community members, and galvanize a stronger resistance. Our work continues. We are committed to shutting down Adelanto completely.

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