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Carlos is Home!

We are happy to welcome back a resident of the IE that was released from GEO Adelanto Detention Center just last week!

Carlos, outside of the Adelanto Detention Center

Carlos and his family have been long time residents of Fontana. When he was detained, the loss his family experienced was unimaginable. Carlos experienced first hand the traumatic conditions within GEO’s Adelanto Detention Center. Thankfully, Carlos was granted bail, however like many others, his family was unable to pay.

As the main breadwinner, Carlos’ family began to struggle financially after her was forced in detention, and was not able to pay Carlos’s bond on their own in addition to meeting their basic needs. Not being able to pay their bond places people at risk for deportation, because they are unable to access legal representation within a detention center. The alarmingly high rates of deportation have been noted areas with limited access to legal representation. 

Thankfully, with the representation, free of charge from Public Counsel, Carlos received a $4,000 dollar bond. After which, Free Our Neighbors supported by offering the money for the bond, and a volunteer drove out to Los Angeles to post the bond.

The Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice has been working to support our immigrant communities, and we invite you to donate to our bond fund, to get people out of GEO’s Adelanto Detention Center.