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Biden Admin will pause Deportations for 100 Days. Now we must Free Them All!

San Bernardino, CA  The 100 day moratorium on deportations enacted by President Biden is an important first step in dismantling a deportation machine designed to terrorize our communities. This moratorium was a key campaign promise heavily fought for by our communities and gives us the breathing room to build and propose alternatives to detention and pass legislation that can transform the immigration system.

Javier Hernandez, Executive Director of Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice Issued the following statement: 

“This is a good first step, but just the beginning in undoing the damage of the Trump years and the foundations laid by the Obama administration. While we can’t compare the rhetoric and terror we faced recently, if we are to truly transform this system we must dismantle the political infrastructure designed to harm our communities.

“The moratorium should go hand in hand with releasing individuals currently detained so they can wait for their hearings in safe environments and not under torturous conditions facing detention facilities. In Adelanto immigrants continue being exposed to the deadly covid-19 virus without getting the proper treatment. This must end. Strategies for mass detention as a strategy emerged with draconian immigration laws, alternatives to detention that do not dehumanize people exist – but we must work to make sure these become a reality”