About ICIJ

In 2008, Auxiliary Bishop Rutilio del Riego from the San Bernardino Diocese convened Immigrant leaders in the Inland Empire Region to begin organizing collectively with a unified message of justice for immigrants.  These meetings led to the creation of the Justice for Immigrants Coalition of Inland Southern California (JFIC).

Through the years, the JFIC has been influential in advocating for the rights of all immigrants through various capacities.  Major victories include advocating for the passage of the California Trust Act (AB 4), which limits cooperation between ICE and local law enforcement; supporting immigrant youth in their fight for DACA, an executive action that protects immigrant youth from deportation; and most recently, winning Driver’s Licenses for All (AB 60) and Health4All Children (AB4).

JFIC has evolved into a dynamic, diverse, and prominent coalition in the Inland Region and California.  Currently, the Coalition comprises over 30 grassroots, community, faith-based, legal service, policy, and workers’ rights organizations.  Our mission to convene organizations to collectively advocate and work to improve the lives of immigrant communities remains stronger than ever.  We also remain committed to working for a just and fair solution to the broken immigration system.

As we gear up to continue the fight for immigration reform, the JFIC felt it necessary to revitalize our coalition’s identity.  These changes do not alter our mission, vision, or goals. We will continue to honor our history as we move forward to other victories. We are the same organizations doing the same great work, just with a different name and logo.

After months of discussions and a thoughtful process open to our coalition partners, we chose Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice – a name that is representative of our region and our mission. The Coalition is excited for the years to come, as we strengthen and empower our immigrant communities.