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Lyzzeth Mendoza

Lyzzeth is always looking forward to learning from people especially through listening… she was born and raised in the Inland Empire, soon after her family left Los Angeles in the late 80s. Her family is originally from México and arrived  45 years ago. Lyzzeth’s experiences led her to acquire a Bachelor’s degree in American Studies and Public Relations from California State University, Fullerton. As a person of faith with a strong desire for social justice, Lyzzeth has been active in immigrant rights, public policy, and advocacy for over 10 years. Lyzzeth has gathered community organizing experience with various organizations in the Inland Empire and Orange County. [ Inland Congregations United for Change (ICUC), Inland Empire Immigrant Youth Collective (IE-IYC), Coalition for Human Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA), and more recently Catholic Relief Services (CRS)] 

Lyzzeth believes that community organizing and policy advocacy are essential part of our civic duty to help create a world where we are not merely surviving, but instead living. She has worked to nurture relationships with multiracial and multi faith communities to form leaders for positive social change. In her free time, Lyzzeth enjoys spending time with her friends and family, taking road trips, and exploring nature.