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September 25th, 2023

Contact: Tamara Marquez, 562-212-2664,

A crucial piece of legislation that would have brought justice to the lives of immigrants who have served their time in State prison

San Bernardino, CA – On September 22, 2023 California Governor vetoed the HOME Act. The HOME Act, authored by Assemblymember Wendy Carrillo and championed by passionate advocates, aimed to ensure that immigrant Californians, who had completed their sentences and were eligible for release under existing criminal justice reforms, would have the opportunity to rebuild their lives with their families and communities, rather than being subjected to the cruel and inhumane practice of automatic transfer to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody.

This bill, which passed with overwhelming support in both the Assembly and the Senate, represented a historic step towards a more humane and fair criminal justice system. It addressed a deeply troubling injustice, where individuals who had paid their debts to society were unjustly handed over to federal immigration authorities for deportation proceedings. The HOME Act was not just about protecting immigrant rights; it was about recognizing the fundamental principles of justice, redemption, and second chances that our society holds dear.

Governor Newsom’s veto of the HOME Act is a painful setback for immigrant communities across California. His decision not only perpetuates a system that tears families apart but also sends a distressing message that our state is willing to abandon its commitment to justice and fairness. It ignores the tireless efforts of advocates, community leaders, and legislators who came together to pass this crucial legislation.

“We are deeply disappointed and disheartened by Governor Gavin Newsom’s decision to veto the HOME Act, a crucial piece of legislation that would have brought compassion and justice to the lives of immigrant Californians who have served their time in state prison. We urge Governor Newsom to reconsider his decision and recognize the urgency and importance of the HOME Act. We call upon him to stand with us in the fight for justice, compassion, and unity. Our immigrant neighbors, friends, and loved ones deserve nothing less” said Eddie Torres, Policy Coordinator at the Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice.

The Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice is an organization committed to defending the rights and dignity of immigrants. The fight and unwavering dedication will continue to advocate for policies that promote inclusivity, justice, and a brighter future for all Californians.