Mario Perez, Immigrant Justice Fellow

Mario Perez was born in Mexico City and arrived to the United States when he was five years old. As previously detained immigrant that is directly impacted by the broken U.S. immigration system, Mario is passionate about sharing the plight that the immigrant community faces. His current goal is to provide humanitarian, legal, and emotional support to people detained or being released from immigrant detention centers, such as The Adelanto GEO Detention Center.

As Immigrant Justice Fellow, Mario joins the immigrant rights movement to share his leadership and build community with others that believe in ending detention of immigrants. Throughout his fellowship, he will advocate for the rights of immigrants and uplift the voices of those directly impacted, so they are no longer excluded from decisions that directly impact their lives. Mario’s other passion is the arts; music, fashion, museums. He enjoys visiting and learning about venues that exhibit art and fashion or showcase musical artist.

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