AB 60 Driver Licenses

In 2015 the State of California expanded eligibility of Drivers Licenses
to all Californians regardless of immigration status.


Applicants will have to prove their identity and California residency to the DMV using a combination of documents. A current foreign passport and consular ID, or an expired foreign passport and foreign birth certificate (translated by the consulate) can be used to prove identity. California residency can be proved by the following documents: a lease, utility bill, tax return, medical record, record of a financial institution, or school records. If you do not have these documents, you can bring one of several other documents and a DMV employee will interview you to ensure that your documents are authentic and match your identity.

Acceptable Documentation: dmv california 


Applicants will need to complete a driver’s license application form at the DMV, including marking a checkbox that states that you are ineligible for a social security number if you do not have one. The fee is $33.


Audio Handbook (English)
California Drivers handbook (English)
Sample Test (English)

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Additional information can be found at:  driveca.org

Audio del Automovilista (Español)
Manual del Automovilista (Espanol)
Ejemplo del examen en (Español)

Mas informacion en manejaca.org 


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