Currently, the Inland Empire is home to approximately 300,000 undocumented people. In 2016, we debuted our Immigrants of the IE Photo Exhibit at the Riverside Art Museum. Each undocumented individual is given a disposable camera to document their story, along with their feelings, culture, occupation, and environment.  This exhibit enjoyed success in humanizing the day-to-day realities of the immigrant community and normalizing their existence in the Inland Empire. The exhibit garnered international media attention, when one of the stories in the exhibit was featured on the popular news program Aquí y Ahora for millions to watch. This year, the exhibit has expanded and was showcased in Cal. State University San Bernardino. The Immigrants of the IE exhibit is scheduled to be displayed in Sacramento, Los Angeles, and other future locations in 2017.

Want to host the Immigrants of the IE Photo Exhibit at your campus?

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