Diocese of San Bernardino   Diocese of San Bernardino
  San Bernardino Community Service Center   San Bernardino
  Pomona Economic Opportunity Center (PEOC)
  Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity
  American Civil Liberties Union-Southern California
  Centro de Immigrante   Centro de Immigrante
  Inland Congregations United for Change
  UFCW Local 1167   UFCW Local
  UFCW Local 1428   UFCW Local
  Inland Empire Rapid Response Network   Inland Empire
  Catholic Charities
  Libreria del Pueblo   San Bernardino
  Inland Empire Immigrant Youth Coalition   Inland Empire Immigrant Youth Coalition
  Training Occupational Development Education Center
  The 28rs   The 28rs
  Latino Voter Project
  LULAC 3190 Riverside   LULAC 3190
  St. Andrew’s Newman Center Riverside   St. Andrew's Newman Center
  California Immigrant Policy Center
  California Partnership   California
  Latina/Latino Roundtable of San Gabriel Valley   Latina/Latino Roundtable of San Gabriel Valley
  Fernando Pedraza Community Coalition   Fernando Pedraza Community Coalition
  Comite Latino Coachela   Coachella
  Friends of Adelanto  Detention Network   Friends of Adelanto Detention Network
  LULAC 3163 San Bernardino   League of United Latin American Citizens
  Preparandonos Para Las Licencias   Preparandonos Para Las Licencias
  Latinas Empoderando y  Educando Comunidades   Latinas Educating and Empowering Communities
  United Domestic Workers